The Denver Gold Forum (DGF) is the world’s oldest and largest gathering of precious commodity equities.

Presented every year since 1989, it now showcases seven-eighths of the world’s publicly traded gold and silver companies when measured by production or reserves.


Chief Executive Officer

Roy Sebag

Chief Executive Officer
Monday, Sep 24 7:30 AM
International Center
Mene: Pure Gold Jewelry – the Only True Gold Standard

This presentation will introduce Mene’s concept and founding principles, and explain its business model. It will also provide an update on business performance in the first year and give outlook for next steps for the company.


  • Help investors understand the concept of Mene and its potential to revolutionize the gold market
  • Report initial growth of the business in its first year
  • Ensure investors understand drivers for Mene’s next stage of growth
Chief Investment Officer - Newscape Capital

Charlie Morris

Chief Investment Officer - Newscape Capital
Monday, Sep 24 12:10 PM
International Center
The Relevance of Gold in a Digital World

Some believe the “barbarous relic” has no role now that digital assets have gained traction. I would disagree as gold is the ultimate constant, that remains liquid during a crisis and a timeless store of value. Digital assets are designed to be growth assets, and as a result, are volatile. Gold and bitcoins will live side by side, both demonstrating unique characteristics in portfolio management.


  • To define gold and bitcoin in economic terms
  • To understand their role in portfolio management
  • To determine their fair value
  • To forecast their behaviour under different scenarios
  • To provide an outlook
Mining Analyst

Chris Galbraith

Mining Analyst
Tuesday, Sep 25 7:30 AM
International Center
The End of the Triple Trend

Over much of the last decade gold production has been on a rising trend; this despite a long run of declining prices and exploration since 2013. Now, with prices once again on a general yet gradual uptrend since 2016, and average operating costs already having fallen significantly, we look at the health of the gold sector and ask whether we have hit the bottom and surfaced out of the bear leg of the cycle with conviction.


  • The end of the triple trend of declining prices, costs and exploration activity
  • Falling discovery rates and exploration success
  • Confirmation of the turn in the cycle? – Drilling, financing, M&A levels
  • The health of the industry – Comparative leverage, cash flow generation and margins
  • S&P Global Market Intelligence’s expectations for the coming year on the above
Chief Executive Officer

Roy Sebag

Chief Executive Officer
Tuesday, Sep 25 12:10 PM
International Center
Goldmoney: What’s Next for Gold in the Digital Age

This session will provide an update on Goldmoney’s core business performance; explain new business initiatives such as BlockVault, Goldmoney China, Lend & Borrow Trust; and share  outlook for projects in the pipeline and future drivers of growth.

  • Provide clarity on the underlying growth of the core business
  • Keep investors updated with new business initiatives as the company quickly grows and evolves
  • Explain where management sees opportunities and where the business goes next


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